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Tuesday March 25th , Level Cross Community lost Lynda Petty. Lynda was a big part of the community and a very big part to Randolph County. Lynda was a big fighter to the cancer she had. She was always very strong the times that we went to help her. She would try to tell us what to do and how to treat and move her so that it would not hurt her. As always she would win. The one thing I can say, Richard was by her side, if he was out of town and we needed him, he was back on the plane and coming to be by her side. She may had been sick, but she would not try to show it. She always got the first and last word in. She was always happy when had to come and give oxygen treatment and check her oxygen stat. She told us that we better not drop her. We told her that if we did, it would be a bad day when Richard got to us.  We asked that everyone please keep the Petty family in your heart.

Steve   Chief     

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